Last Dracul Jyokyoku Fan Guide

This is one of the best Fan Guides!

We start with Miyuki's introduction to some reporters, then the FanKan event where she's introduced to the fans! Fumina presents the tiara to her and the cast sings "LINK" with Fumina.

Now they must prepare for the musical; script reading and rehearsal.

Next is my fave of all! Every Senshi actress is singled out at their photoshoots, interviewed, gives their Senshi introduction and personal stats.

The Senshi really have fun backstage during the photoshoots! Here's a fairly long mix of clips of the Senshi playing around. Very fun to watch!! You don't think Miyuki finds the wings a little overbearing? Maybe not, but she knows how to make good use of them!

Mochizuki Yuuta and Kasahara Ryuji are interviewed during the recording of the Best Song Collection CD.

A bunch of kids come on stage for the "Matta Matta Chibi-Usa Desu" contest.

Ryuji and Fumina help some kids interview the Senshi. The questions and answers we're granted to see are the Outer Senshi actress's favorite foods and the Inner's favorite Myu songs.

The FanKan continues with clips of songs sung by (mostly) the right Senshi (for once :P). It's more fun when they're mixed up but, oh well, not this time.

The infamous "La Soldier" ends the video.