Shin Densetsu Kourin Fan Guide

Narrated by Yuuta and Hikari

55 minutes of behind-the-scenes action we get in this Fan Guide. It all starts with tryouts for the Sailor Senshi (doing a dance routine on stage) and Chibi-Usa (reading an excerpt from the script).

The Senshi have been chosen! In a conference of some kind, the 1998 actresses introduce themselves for dozens of reporters (all armed with flashing cameras >_<).

Then we get one-on-one interviews with Moon, Tux, Mercury and Mars.
We read the script and get a visit from Anza and Ayako, then it's off to the recording studio! If you like "Everlasting Moonlight," you'll be sick of it by the time this is over :P Everything they have to do to record a song is revealed, and this song is repeated over and over, including the final recording in which they show the actresses singing the majority of the song.

Photoshoots! But it's just little clips of the Inner Senshi for now. More later.
Did you miss the radio special with Hara Fumina as SailorMoon? If you did, here's your chance to hear it (and see it) again! Funny thing is, she has to dress in Eternal SailorMoon's costume to be on the radio, and it's more than funny to see poor Fumina have to walk through doors sideways!

However much of rehearsal you want to see, it's here. Practice for scenes, songs and dances goes on and on, then stays in the same area for interviews with absolutely EVERYONE in the cast, including the director (who looks like he hasn't slept in a month :P).

To end it all, we get photoshoot pictures of the individual Senshi with the actresses' stats on screen.