Transylvania no Mori Fan Guide

Narrated by Miyuki & Ryuji

This 40-minute video starts out with the Inner Senshi singing "Solar Miracle Make-up," with the actresses briefly introducing themselves afterwards. The same is shown with the Outer Senshi singing "Watchin' on the Sight," ChibiMoon and the Quartet singing "Yume Miru Mori no Yume no Yume," and Bloody Dracul Vampire with "Image De Mon Père."

Next, photoshoot day! But first we get to see some cute conversations as everyone arrives at the studio. Then Miyuki gets control of the camera and interviews the Inner Senshi (very amusing).

Finally we get to see the photoshoot.

The ever-exciting 'sit in a circle and read the script day' is next, followed by 'stand in a circle and sing "We'll Be The Last Victory."'
Rehearsal day! Most of what is shown however is Kanda Eri and Izawa Arisu with the camera 'interviewing' the Senshi cast as they wait to rehearse. (Mario is so cute!)

Many many clips from the fankan is one of the best parts (Pluto sings "Galaxia Gorgeous!")

Miyuki then tries to teach some kids from the audience how to do "Moon Healing Escalation." The same kids then follow the movements of the Inner Senshi as they sing "Moonlight Densetsu," with the Outers attempting to guide the poor kids.
My favorite part: Sailor Busters remix!

Half of "Fire" is performed for us, then it's Miyuki with the camera again in the hallways backstage.

The Fan Guide ends with "La Soldier."