Shin Densetsu Kourin FanKan

(screenshots coming soon)

"La Soldier" is performed and the new Inner Senshi cast introduces themselves. The new Outers do the same after singing "Makin' for the Right." The Three Lights actresses return and sing "Chasin' After You" and "See Me Boku-tachi no Jidai." They stay on stage for Endymion to sing "Tuxedo Royale," then Yuuta and the new Tuxedo Kamen, Enomoto Yuuta sing a double "Tuxedo Mission." They make a few jokes about their same names, saying Enomoto is Prince Yuuta and Mochizuki is King Yuuta :)

Anza passes the tiara to Fumina and the new Moon sings "Shadow on my Sweet Memories."

The Amazon Trio sings "Amazon Kara Circus Dan ga Yatte Kita" and does some silly things for the audience.

The Senshi are asked questions from the audience, then perform "Everlasting Moonlight" and "La Moon."