Mugen Gakuen FanKan

Narrated by Kuroki Marina & Yoshida Megumi.

The fankan opens with the Senshi singing "Mystery Sagashi." Afterwards they introduce themselves including the new Senshi: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

Kenji and 4 other Tuxedo Kamens sing "Tuxedo Mission" then introduce themselves. Kenji & Nao introduce the new ChibiMoon and Nanami sings "Mata Mata Chibi-Usa Desu" and "Chibi-Usa no Hanran" with the other Senshi as backup dancers. Manami is so nervous it's ridiculous. It sounds more like she raps the song rather than sings it o-O

The Senshi sing "Moonlight Densetsu" next. Then Kawabe Chieko returns and teaches everyone how to do Shabon Spray. Chieko and Manami sing "Drive Me The Mercury."

Yukimura Yoshiya & Yoda Shuusuke introduce Gotou Kaho & Ishiguro Atsuki and they sing "Mori de Tanoshiku" with the rest of the Hoshino Family joining them half way through. I have no idea why they didn't cast one of those kids as ChibiMoon instead of Nanami, they're great! (Kaho's so kawaiiiii!)

Nao & Yuhka perform "Choubi," announce their graduation to the audience then sing "Harsh! Saint Cry!!"

Yoshiya talks to the audience then Kenji comes out thinking he's in an action movie or something :P After a beating from Yoshiya, they open the curtain and ask the Senshi a question from the audience. You can tell this whole segment is completely unrehearsed. It's hilarious!

Next, Miki cannot stop laughing from the previous segment's antics, and when Yoshiya finally gets her to stop, they cut to the song medley. This includes Nao singing "Boku-tachi no Jidai," Miki & Ado singing "Ruby no Aka," and the guys performing "I Do Justice." Afterwards the Senshi return to sing "21st Century Now."

We get final messages of farewell from the Senshi then Eternal SailorMoon makes her appearance and all perform the full version of "La Soldier."