Ankoku no Princess Black Lady FanKan

Kenji gets us all in the spirit of fankans by getting ready to sing his song from Last Dracul Saishuu Shou, then the music stops and he says "Minna-san, konnichiwa" in a very non-Dark Kain voice.

The curtain rises and I get a real treat as the other Kenji sings one of my favorite Myu songs, "And Believe in All!" ^___^ (and does a very nice double pirouette!)

The returning Senshi introduce themselves and the new Senshi. This is different from other fankans as there's more talking and joking around between them. They even refer to each other by their real names!

At last, Marina is specially introduced as the fourth SailorMoon! She rises out of the floor and sings "Link" with the Senshi, introducing herself afterwards. (Is it just me or was she extremely nervous?)

Miyuki-chan!!!!!! The princess tiara is passed to Marina, and Miyuki stays to chat for a while. They even make fun of Tuxedo Kamen's singing (very funny!)

Marina and Kenji sing "You're My Jewelry." I love Marina's voice in this song, especially the English, but she needs to work on her facial expressions.. (sorry Marina)

Noeru impressed me in the fankan more than the musical. She's WAY better than Kasumi (she can actually sing and dance at the same time -_-). She sings "Mata Mata Chibi-Usa Desu" with the Inners and Tux dancing in the background. Very kawaii!

Kasumi & Nagisa sing "Nijiiro no Monochrome." It's the only new song performed.

The infamous "Tsukini Kawatte Oshiyokiyo" contest. I hardly know what happens because I can't take my eyes off the tiny Uranus!!! How cute is she?!?!?! *hugs that little girl*

The Inner Senshi sing their singles. Ayano's singing in "Zigzag Slash" isn't as bad as you'd think. Chieko and Ayumi join in each other's songs half way through, and Yuhko joins Megumi.

Black Lady makes a small appearance then Miki and Ado are introduced.

The enemies perform Kenji's Saishuu Shou song (I don't know the name ><) then we get to see the day Hikari showed up and stole the show from him :P (and there's some insane Hikari fans in the audience--it's hilarious!)

Five pairs of Senshi and cast members perform "Chobi!" with Nao & Yuhka finishing off all the songs (although we only get to see it once :( )

Chieko & Megumi; Ayano & Ayumi; Yuhko & Ayami; Miki & Marina; Kenji & Ado

The Senshi perform "Ai Yori Houseki, Kaguya Shima" and "21st Century," and the photoshoot finishes it off.