Ankoku no Princess Black Lady Kaiteiban FanKan

Narrated by Kuroki Marina, Takagi Nao & Asami Yuhka.

The Senshi sing "Moment Fatal" then introduce themselves. The intros are as much fun as the first Black Lady fankan, with an extremely hyper Yuhka!

Noel sings "Mata Mata Chibi-Usa Desu" and Aisha sings "Chibi-Usa no Hanran" with the other nine Senshi dancing in the background. Aaron & Mana sing "Nijiiro no Momochrome." For the funny couplings and such, Hikari & Chieko sing "I Miss You" and Yuri & Ayumi sing "Shadow on my Sweet Memories." Marina sings "An Evil Dream" very nicely with Miki, Ado, Yuri & Nao as background dancers (Nao-sama in leather *drools* o_o)

The Outer Senshi, Mars and Jupiter sing "Tekichi wa Ginga Terebi Kyoku." It's so cute when Marina goes "Ooooohh" when Nao hits an evil-sounding note perfectly during her solo ^^ In fact, all they do throughout the whole fankan is compliment each other!

Among some antics after that song, Kenji is introduced, who is also very hyper. The Black Moon Family and SailorMoon dance while Kenji sings "Tuxedo Versus." Nakamaru Shion sings "Black Moon Signal" as the new Black Lady. She's Fumina's twin, I swear!!! It's freaky!!

Hikari & her gang sing "Innocent Demand," there's the costume contest for the little kids, and the question & answer session. "Hatsukoi wa itsu desu ka?"

Kenji and Miki do some strange little skit together, Hikari sings "Just Love Wasurerarenai" and "Koshyuuki," the ChibiMoons and Black Moon children sing "Okaasan te Nan Darou," and the Inners and Outers have "Knockin' Down Hesitation" and "Broken Mobius."

"Gondola no Koibito" is sung by Kenji & Noel, Miki & Aisha, Shion & Ayami, Nao & Nagisa, and Hikari & Kasumi. Randomly, the other Senshi hop or waddle out dressed as various animals (Ayumi makes a very cute flamingo ^^). They stay dressed as such and sing "Jingle Bells" as a Christmas present!

"Moonlight Densetsu" and, of course, "La Soldier" finishes this fun-packed fankan!