Transylvania no Mori Kaiteiban FanKan

One hilarious hour of antics is packed into this video. It all starts innocently with all the Senshi singing "Fire" then making a long introduction of themselves. Hikari (in costume) sings "All of You Shall Die" with accompaniment by Yukimura Yoshiya, Hidemasa Edo, Kawasaki Miki and Endo Ado. These five introduce themselves, then Tux goes right into "Here Comes The Tuxedo Mask." The Quartet sings "Yume Yume Uta ga Ukotonakare" and has introductions, then ChibiMoon joins them and they sing "Chibi-Usa no Hanran."

All the Senshi come back and sing "Moonlight Densetsu," then we have a "Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshiyokiyo" contest! It's really funny when ChibiMoon tries to teach them but keeps messing up herself!

Next is a treat for the fans of the vampires. Yuuta and Hikari (in costume) sing a double version of "Image De Mon Père," then act a little scene together as father and daughter (that should have been in the musical!)

Minako returns to sing "Namikimichi no Koi," Ami and Makoto sing "Ii Ko wa Yameta," then all the girls appear to sing "Seishun no Shoumi Kigen" and "Set Me Free."

With the Senshi worn out from the quartet of songs, it's time for the guys of the musical to take over! Yuuta, Yoshiya and Edo sing and dance to "I Do Justice" with Yuuta leading. (I almost died when Yoshiya came out in that leather vest!!)

Then they do a really silly skit that you have to see to believe (LOL).
The curtain is pulled back to reveal the Senshi sitting at a long table, ready for questions from the audience.
Truly one of the most hilarious parts of anything SeraMyu is next! Five couples (Yuhko & Yoshiya, Mario & Miki, Kasumi & Yuuta, Eri & Yuhka, Nao & Hikari) each sing "You're My Jewelry" to each other. They'll leave you crying in laughter, I promise! Especially our two rivals, Nao and Hikari! (although Eri and Yuhka are pretty darn funny as well :))

Tux indirectly takes on Sano Mizuki by stealing his song, "Bara no Himitsu." Unfortunately though, Edo's already gone through puberty, so the high notes are a little difficult for him ^_^;;; We lovingly call this number "The Senshi Ballet."

It ends with some serious numbers, "Honoo no Messenger," "La Moon," and "La Soldier," and the hour of laughter is complete, only leaving you with the choice to rewind and watch it again ^^