Last Dracul Jyokyoku Omake

Narrated by Mochizuki Yuuta

This 20-minute special starts with a summary of the musical with scenes from Acts 1-6 of the 500th show, then shows the Senshi's half of the curtain closing. The Senshi are called back in a double curtain call and perform "L'amour, D'amour, Moonlight." Kasahara Ryuuji talks to the audience for a few minutes, then "Solar Miracle Make-up" plays with everyone just standing on stage 'singing' it. Miyuki talks to the audience and gives a very cute and exhausted "Sayonara" at the end. Don't miss ChibiMoon (Gunji Ayano) getting flowers and crying (kawaii!)

Then the omake gives you about three minutes of the fankan, including Ryuuji singing "I Do Justice."

Four minutes of finishing advertisements and it's over!