Eien Densetsu Omake

(screenshots coming soon)

This lengthy omake begins with a recap of SailorStars. Silly, changed scenes from the last performance of Stars <Kaiteiban> are shown first.
Rehearsal and cast interviews with almost every member of the cast
and crew takes up most of this video, but it's very well put together. We get to see many songs being recorded next.

I wish they would do this for the current musicals: behind the scenes right before the fankan. The camera follows Anza, Ayako and Misako around before they perform "La Moon." Very cute! I especially love when Anza blows the camera a kiss then yells at it teasingly not to film her walking up the stairs (because her skirt is so short :P)

"La Moon" is performed with the three Senshi (Anza is very energetic!) and it takes us through much of the fankan.