Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban Omake

(screenshots coming eventually)

(This separate omake video includes clips from the fankan, so I'm not sure exactly what to call it...)

Narrated by Mochizuki Yuuta at the beginning and end.

"L'amour D'amour Moonlight" opens the video, and "Solar Miracle Make-up" opens the fankan. The Inner Senshi introduce themselves. The Outer Senshi introduce themselves after their respective songs, "To a Brand New World," "Stay Alone," "Uranus & Neptune no Uragiri," and "Chobi! Uranus to Neptune."

Anza and some other Senshi including Momoko (as Yaten) come on stage and perform "Chasin' After You," 'Yaten version' ;)

Next, Yuuta sings "Tuxedo Mission" with four Senshi dancing backup with capes! Pluto stays on stage and leans on him lovingly during his intro until Anza comes out and yells at him :P

"Tabidachi," "Mop, Hop, Step, Jump," and "Knockin' Down Hesitation" are performed, then Moon, Jupiter and Pluto take turns singing "Mata Mata Chibi-Usa Desu" to Tux!

The audience gets to ask the Senshi and staff some questions. Mars & Venus perform "Ii Ko wa Yameta," Mercury sings "Dream Yume wa Ookiku," Anza and Yaten sing "Lonely Distance" to each other, and the Senshi sing "Mystery Sagashi," "Triple Dreams" and "La Moon."

For omake footage, we see, for the only time, the actresses on stage out of costume rehearsal! There's an interview with the cast and footage backstage before and during the FFS last day performance.