Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban Omake

(screenshots coming soon)

Narrated by Mochizuki Yuuta.

One of my favorite omakes begins with very short clips from the fankan. I wish they would have shown more of Nao-sama singing "Knockin' Down Hesitation" *_*

The changed scenes in the last performance are especially funny! Even though I can't understand most of them, the audience's reactions tell me they're priceless. I almost had an accident from laughing so hard when Roof Mellow compared her looks to Taiki!!!

The entire curtain call is shown. It's extremely fun as almost every actor does something cute before they bow. This memorable curtain call has what this omake is most known for: Takagi Nao & Asami Yuhka's kiss!!!

The Senshi sing "Everlasting Moonlight," "La Soldier" and "Sailor War."

Fumina's farewell is my favorite because it's so fun!! Basically, "LINK" is played and the cast gets to run wild! The best part is when Roof Mellow runs and jumps into Endymion's arms! Fumina, Gunji Ayano and Takagi Nao cry the most and the others try to cheer them up. It's great to see Dark Plasman dancing with the cast and Roof Mellow running around the stage with her three henchmen *laughs*

It all ends with a cute little photoshoot of the Inner Senshi.