Transylvania no Mori Kaiteiban Omake

Narrated by Kanbe Miyuki & Kanda Eri

This omake is absolutely priceless! We start off seeing the Sailor Senshi dancing to "Set Me Free." You wouldn't think it'd be any different but there's just something different about seeing them do it in Sailor fuku :)

The changed scenes for the final show are some of the best features of this video. While most are nothing out of the ordinary silliness, I find the scene at Hikawa Shrine worth watching again and again and again. The characters there all mock each other and cheer on who's doing it. The actresses are cracking up in the process too! It's great! Mamoru and Ami both impersonate Minako, then the blonde shows them how to really do it. Usagi does a very cute Hotaru, Haruka, reluctantly, imitates Makoto, Makoto does...someone...and Hotaru, VERY shyly, says a Tux phrase (I think).

The other best feature is definitely when Hikari and the entire villain cast perform "All of You Shall Die." The catch is, this time, they all start doing the dance to "Set Me Free" right in the middle of the song! The best part is Hikari's voice gets higher and squeakier like Usagi's, but she's still singing her own song! *laughs*

Afterwards Yuuta talks to the audience (seems to be a ritual for him). The Senshi return to perform "Everlasting Moonlight" and "La Soldier," then Eri solo sings and dances to "Honoo no Messenger." They make a big deal about her leaving the Myu, and it's about time they did something for a dedicated Senshi!