Sailormoon 10th Anniversary Festival

Welcome to the Sailormoon 10th Anniversary Festival!! Yukimura Yoshiya hosts the talk show which takes place over 5 days.

- March 27 -

The first interviews are with Kanbe Miyuki, Kuriyama Emi, Tomioka Mario, Hosoda Aya and Matsuoka Miki. Afterwards Ryuji comes out in jeans and a t-shirt and talks with Yoshiya. Miyuki sings "An Evil Dream" and Aya and Miki sing "Kaikou Lilith to Astralte" (in gowns!)

- March 28 -

Ooyama Anza, Morino Ayako, Yoshioka Sakoto and Okuyama Momoko interviews. Later Hikari comes out with a Three Lights school fuku jacket for Momoko and she sits and talks with everyone for the rest of the show. Sakoto, Momoko and Hikari sing "Kakyuu Ouhi to Three Lights." Sakoto looks gorgeous in her red dress and Hikari has tears in her eyes at the end of the song! It's awesome!

- March 29 -

Interview with Hara Fumina, Mita Mao, Inada Nao and Ichige Midori. Hikari walks out with a broom and her hair sticking up like Hawks Eye. Fumina and Urai Kenji sing "You're My Jewelry" and Mao sings "Hitosuji no Hikari no Kokoro."

- March 30 -

Anza, Kimura Sanae, Tahara Yuko and Matsumoto Tanami interviews. Nao and Yuhka come on stage and the Uranus and Neptunes do their attacks together. Anza calls Marina from backstage and they do Moon Healing Escalation. Tanami sings "Galaxia Gorgeous."

- March 31 -

ANZA, Morino Ayako, Kotani Misako, Inoue Kazuma and Endo Ado interviews. Moon, Mercury and Mars do their attacks together. Kenji, Yoshiya and Kazuma sing "Ankoku no Sonnet." Anza sings "Omoidashite Anata wo."

The festival ends with the current Senshi cast singing the medley.