500kai Kouen Kinen Video

This is the ultimate SeraMyu guide video! (up to Last Dracul Jyokyoku)

This video commemorates the first 500 performances of SeraMyu. Mochizuki Yuuta narrates. First, there's a summary of the musicals in Anza's reign with Saitoh Rei guest narrating. Basically it's random clips from each musical show with them commenting. The second curtain call from the Final First Stage's last day is briefly shown at the end (poor Anza!!)

The Second Stage is summarized next with Takagi Nao guest narrating. But first, Anza presents the SailorMoon tiara to Fumina. It's kind of funny because she leans way over to give her the tiara then takes a huge step away from her. I still say Anza hates every Moon actress after her :P

Miyuki's first introduction and the passing of the tiara is next (this footage and more from that event can be found in the Last Dracul Fan Guide). There's a very short history of the Third Stage, which at that time was just one musical. Miyuki narrates with Yuuta during the summary of Last Dracul Jyokyoku.

The actual 500th performance day events were recorded single-camera. You'd think special events would be recorded with at least two... (sorry, I notice these things..) The Last Dracul Jyokyoku Senshi cast sing "Densetsu Seitan" and returning cast members come on stage to sing it as well. Ono Hikari and Okuyama Momoko sing "Chasin' After You" and are joined halfway through by Yuuta and Ryuuji playing cardboard guitars (very amusing!). Since Katayama Sayuri couldn't make the event, Hikari has a Star Fighter plushie in her place!

The returning cast, including Anza, Fumina, Morino Ayako, Kawasaki Mao, Saitoh Rei, Momoko and Hikari, make speeches to the audience along with Yuuta, Ryuuji and Miyuki. The entire cast of Last Dracul Jyokyoku is on stage as well at this point, and everyone sings and dances to "La Soldier." The funny thing is, the First and Second Stages have slightly different versions of the dance, as do individual Senshi, so it's very messed up :P