Music Collections

The SeraMyu Music Collections are a replay of the songs from the musicals with lyrics at the bottom of the screen like a sing-along.

Music Collection 1
The first music collection is hosted by Oyama Anza and Morino Ayako between every few songs. The songs included in this collection are from the S and SuperS shows.
La Soldier
Solar Miracle Make-up
Dream Yume wa Ookiku 
Fukkastu! Crisis Yurusumazi
Tuxedo Mission
Sailor War
L'amour, D'amour, Moonlight
La Moon
Usagi Circus Show Time

Music Collection 2
The second music collection is narrated by Kanbe Miyuki between each song. It covers songs from Last Dracul Jyokyoku through Transylvania no Mori Kaiteiban
21st Century - Koi no Senshi Ja Irarenai
The Last Change (21st Century)
Drive Me The Mercury
Honoo no Messenger
Zigzag Slash
Traditional The Grace
Watchin' on the Sight
Here Comes The Tuxedo Mask
Set Me Free
Solar Miracle Make-up
L'amour, D'amour, Moonlight
Moonlight Densetsu
Sailor War 2001
Everlasting Moonlight
La Moon
La Soldier