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SeraMyu Antics was originally started many many years ago (2001) by this girl you see here named Samantha and her little sister Brittany. They loved SeraMyu so much, but couldn't help but poke fun at the weirdness. Sam greatly enjoyed making simple web pages and putting things on the internets, so with their combined efforts this page was born. Yep, that single page use to be the entire "SeraMyu Antics" website. And that's what they called it too. Over time, as Sam hemorrhaged money on Myu program books, videos, CDs and other merchandise, she decided to start digitizing these things and also putting them on the internet. The site slowly grew bigger and bigger. She quickly had the largest Myu image gallery on the 'net. When she started a forum, this opened other fans to submit their Myu scans, cosplay pictures and fanart, offering even more content for the site to host. Although the end of Myu has caused other websites to disappear, fans can rest assured that SeraMyu Antics will always be here and will continue to grow as long as there are Myu fans to enjoy it.

Also, this cheesiness I wrote long ago:

Wow, what to say. Antics has been on the 'net for over [10] years, and SeraMyu still holds a special place in my heart. I don't think it'll ever truly die. Years from now I'll still be trying to find that elusive program book or buying another DVD to further my collection. Other interests have diverted my attention and drained my wallet, but I can never resist the sparkle of those colorful costumes or the sound of yet another Usagi's precious voice singing in my ears. SeraMyu is magical to me, and always has been. It takes you into another world that no animation can; a world of music, dance and dreams. It makes you feel as if these characters you love so dearly are more than just moving on the TV screen. They're on stage, right in front of you, calling out for you to sing, dance and join them in their energetic journey to wherever your imagination wants to take you. It makes you feel young, happy, and thankful to be alive. SeraMyu may not return, but it will never die because it has touched the lives of those people who will forever sing Akiko's songs, dance Ado's dances, and dreams Usagi's dreams.


about me
internet alias: TakagiNaoSama
age: 28
hobbies/interests: cosplay, going to anime conventions, playing video games, wasting time on the internet, playing Dungeons & Dragons, updating my websites (sometimes, lol)
favorite anime: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters
favorite games: Guild Wars, Super Mario RPG, The Sims games, Sailormoon: Another Story
about me: I'm just your average geek who likes to watch anime, play video games and hang out with her friends. I started watching Sailormoon in 1997, but I honestly don't remember when I started watching SeraMyu ^^;

favorite Myu things
Musical: Transylvania no Mori & Kaguya Shima Densetsu <Kaiteiban>
Stage: 3rd
Actress: Takagi Nao, Hosaka Yuhko, Kanbe Miyuki, Ono Hikari, Kanda Eri, Kuriyama Emi
Actor: Shirota Yuu, Yukimura Yoshiya, Mochizuki Yuuta
Moon: Kanbe Miyuki
Songs: Ginga no Sanctuary, Yakusoku no Uta, LINK, Feel So Faraway/Lonely Distance, Millennium ~ Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai, Kaze no Shijin, Prince of the earth, Moonlight Justice

my other places on the web
Naosa Cosplay (Facebook Page)

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