Ready for some in-depth Myu discussions like none you've ever read? These crazy spurts of opinions and reviews are what gave the entire Antics website it's start! I, Samantha, and my little sister Brittany have so many crazy talks about Myu that we can't help but share them with all of you! So prepare your sense of humor and select a review!

August 8, 2002
This discussion is the most like the first one, where Brittany and I sit and talk to each other about Myu directly. The difference is this time we recorded an oral discussion! We actually set up a video camera and recorded ourselves. This is the transcription! It's looong :]

December 2001
After the Black Lady musical wasn't everything I hoped for, the most I could do besides complain about it was review all the songs, which quickly grew beyond my expectations. This one is basically a long list of my opinions/reviews of all the new songs, actors, characters and the musical as a whole.

November 3, 2001
We had a hard time with the first discussion, so the second is basically a summary of our feelings. But it's at a significant time in Myu history: the passing of the tiara from Miyuki to Marina and the end of the Dracula series. The issue of actor send-offs is most prominent here.

July 21, 2001
Our very first review ever! Believe it or not, this single discussion use to be the entire SeraMyu Antics page! We've grown quite a bit since then, ne? ^^ The first is the funniest, since it combines all our jokes from the first two years of loving Myu. Although some of our opinions have changed since then, here it is in its original splendor!