Hi! This is Samantha!
Hi!!! Sam's little sister Brittany here!
These sections are going to be silly discussions between us about our opinions on SeraMyu. This is here to both entertain and inform you, so let's have fun!
Now don't get us wrong, we LOVE the musicals! *bows down* Hikari-samaaaaaaaaa!!
That's Ono Hikari she's talking about: Hawks Eye, Sailor Star Maker, Roof Mellow, Bloody Dracul Vampire, etc...

*bows down again*
You know, Britt, there may be people out there that don't like Hikari.
WHAT?!?!?! Not like Hikari-sama? I'll kill them!
Yeah... Anyway, we're going to try our best to entertain you and make you laugh by attempting to explain our many jokes about the musicals. For example...
We've made an observation throughout the musicals: have you ever noticed that all the Venus' are HUGE? Half are taller than Jupiter! That's just not right!

Well, the most recent Venus' haven't been huge (the ones in the Transylvania series). They're actually cute!
That's true, but Jupiter shouldn't be cute. In Transylvania no Mori <Kaiteiban> she was too cute.

I don't really care for the Inner Senshi in that musical all together. The Mercury was funky!
But what about your Mars? Isn't she the only one who can dance?
Yes, true, up until Kanda Eri none of the Mars' could dance or sing.

So what do you think about them Tux's?
Tux is awesome!
Even his little brother?
Yeah... Hey, since we've got dirt on all the Tuxedo Kamen's, let's make a chart:

Sano Mizuki This is "Tux's Little Brother" :P As you can see, he looks about five years younger than Anza. He only starred in the first two musicals. Although it wasn't his fault, he did some weird things like singing a 'love' song to the youma.
The DUDE!!! :P Mochizuki Yuuta is awesome! He was Kunzite in the Classical season musicals, then moved to Tux for the rest of the first stage. Then he was the Space Knight/Endymion for the Kaguya Island musicals, then got even more awesome by being Dracula. Go Yuuta-sama!!!
Enomoto Yuuta Pegasus Tux! After doing the voice of Pegasus in the first stage SuperS musicals, he moved on stage to Tux in Shin Densetsu Korin. This is the only musical he was in, but I love him cause he sang the kick ass song Miracle Twister!
Amano Hironari The other Tux. This guy just didn't stand out for us, except for the song And Believe In All! Sam, he can't sing! Oh go away.
Hidemasa Edo The Drunken Elf! Long story behind why he's named as so. I sent out screenshots to my friends, and one commented that he looked like he was on crack, and another said he looked like an elf. So we lovingly call him The Drunken Elf! He's awesome!

Well, since we're on the subject of Tux, let's talk about our qualification to be Tux.
At the curtain closing, Tux HAS to flip the cape before he bows, or he's not Tux. Simple as that :P
The Drunken Elf is the number one Tux on our list, for he did a spectacular cape flip in Transylvania no Mori!

But of course, Yuuta is right up there with him, just for being awesome!
But of course, Tux isn't all good. In the first stage, he had a reputation for having hour-long death scenes.
Speaking of death, there were times we thought Yuuta was dead in the coffin.
Yeah, I mean, there were times he was in the coffin for two scenes and I thought they'd open it up and he'd be dead in there!
We're sorry to say it, but there is one thing in which Tux's Little Brother overrules even The Drunken Elf.
Have you ever seen the Fan Kansha Event for Transylvania no Mori <Kaiteiban>? The poor boy can't hit high notes to save his life!
Hironari and Yuuta did do well in Kaguya Shima Densetsu <Kaiteiban> to show us how serious our future king is going to be :P

Alright, enough bashing Tux... Let's make fun of the Starlights! Gotta love 'em, really you have to.
You're the one who made stupid nicknames for them.
They're not stupid, they fit perfectly: Seiya is Chipmunk Cheeks, Yaten is Grandma, and Taiki (also my Hikari, forgive me) is Squeaky. And they're beloved Kakyuu is Opera.

Speaking of that season, why the heck is Beryl and her Turd Stick in Stars anyway?

So, Britt, what is your favorite musical of them all so far?
Transylvania no Mori...uh...both of them ^^;;
I think my fave is the first Transylvania, except for five things which make the revision better: "The Last Change 2001," "Drive Me The Mercury," "Traditional The Grace," Dracula, and the Outer Senshi's kawaii winter outfits (Haruka in leather *drools*).
I know, Sam, I KNOW!
I know you know :)
Nao is obviously one of your favorites.
Yep yep! But we both have our four favorites:

Mochizuki Yuuta The Dude again! He's in two charts :P He's just so awesome! He's a native of the musicals for sure! Even though he looks like he's pushing 40 we still love him!
Ono Hikari Mine mine mine! I became obsessed with her when she appeared in Transylvania no Mori as Bloody Dracul Vampire, but I liked her from the start. Don't think Britt's the only one that likes her, though. She's just obsessed. She likes me better! Yeah...
Takagi Nao Now it's my turn to talk :) I was obsessed with Nao ever since she came on stage. This girl's got NO competition! Except Hikari :P Yeah, I swear they're rivals. But they still seem to like each other. I always say that if Nao leaves I'm crying! There will NEVER be a better Uranus!
Kanbe Miyuki Kawaii!!! She's definitely the cutest SailorMoon! We love her voice, she can dance, and she comes complete with The Drunken Elf! I mean, the girl shed a tear! A REAL tear in Transylvania no Mori! Go Miyuki!

Miyuki's the best SailorMoon, but we love all the Moons. Anza could act--
Fumina was just there...
You don't like her, do you?
To be quite honest, no. She didn't have enough emotion!
Speaking of lack of emotion, what's with the Transylvania no Mori <Kaiteiban> ChibiMoon? The girl had stage fright!
Some can handle it, some can't. I mean, she was looking at the other dancers, she can't sing, she touched her hair, she wasn't together...
Okay, okay. Well, she does better in the actual musical, but in the Fan Kansha Event, the girl was bad... Of course, we're biased because we did see the fankan before we saw the musical, so...
Okay, I'm mad. They cut out Fruit Loop in Transylvania no Mori <Kaiteiban>. He was awesome!
"Fruit Loop" is our nickname for Kasahara Ryuji.

Yeah, and in the revision they replaced him with Derik!
Incase you're wondering...no, don't ask, just don't ask about 'Derik.' It's a long, sick story...
We have to talk about Apple Jack if we talked about Fruit Loop.
"Apple Jack" is our loving nickname for Yukimura Yoshiya.

We love Apple Jack!!!

Well, I think we've raved enough for one day. Join us again next time, minna-sama!