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"OMG she's gonna self-destruct!!!"

The stress of being a Sailor Senshi claims the sanity of yet another innocent performer.

"omfg I'm a swan! Look at me go!"

And you thought Chieko in a duck suit was bad :P

The day SeraMyu lost every ounce of seriousness it ever had.

"Introducing the all-new, life-size SailorNeptune doll! She walks, she talks, she sings on cue, she'll dance and perform just for you!"

Dance, Neptune, dance!!

"This wasn't in my contract..."

Does poor Fumina really have to be in costume to be on the radio?

I'm sorry Fumina, but I would have paid money to be there to see you forced to walk through the door sideways XD

Kuroki Marina -- the fourth SailorMoon or Bandai's poor advertising pawn?

"Someone get this thing off my head.."

Yes, minna, we have come to the conclusion that Kenji can't read.

Maybe the mask does more than hide his identity...

"Damn...I'm sleeping on the couch tonight, aren't I?"

"How come YOU get all the lines?"

"Stupid bitch thinks it's all about her!"

"If Hikari's not performing, none of us are performing!"
You ARE the Weakest Link. Goodbye!
"Ooohhhh, my odangos are too tight! The pain!"

"That's the last time I let Chibi-Usa fix my hair!"

That thing should be considered a weapon!

Does she plan to literally beat Queen Beryl with it?!

She's got the Cutie Moon Rod! RUN!!!!!!!