(you know you love SeraMyu too much when...)

You have SeraMyu related dreams.

You print out pictures of your favorite SeraMyu actress/actor and cover your walls.

Someone asks you who Usagi's seiyuu is and you can't remember, except that it's one of five people...

You take 350 screenshots from Last Dracul and send them to your online friends.

You've considered writing to Ono Hikari and asking her to send you her pink pants.

Shin Densetsu Korin fan guide

You get butterflies in your stomach every time your favorite actress/actor walks on stage...and you've already watched the musical fifty times!

You buy the same style clothing that your favorite actress always wears in rehearsal.

You would pay twice as much as it costs to see the actual musical just to sit in and watch the photoshoots.

You own hundreds of dollars worth of SeraMyu merchandise (videos, books, CDs, Sailormoon World stuff, etc.) and you've never even been to Japan!

You've considered visiting Japan for the sole purpose of seeing a musical live.

If you were on your deathbed your last request would be for your favorite actress/actor to be with you in your last moments.

Your fanfiction and fanart has turned to SeraMyu instead of the anime and manga.

You've become almost as obsessed with the actress who plays your favorite Senshi as you are with that Senshi!

You can't help thinking that there will never be an actress in SeraMyu cuter than Marina.

Hikari or Nao?

You think the music in SeraMyu is way better than anything the anime composers could have ever come up with.

You own every single original musical video and DVD, despite the insane prices.

You build a website confessing your love for SeraMyu.

You have debates with your friends about whether or not certain songs are live or recorded.

You've created silly but loving nicknames for the majority of the cast.

Someone asks you what your favorite episode of Sailormoon is and you automatically reply "Transylvania no Mori!"

You've searched and searched, but you just can't find any flights to Kaguya Island. Too bad, because you refuse to take a boat.

You have serious nightmares about Black Lady singing "Black Moon Signal."